Community Ceremonies

“When was the last time you felt connected to something bigger than yourself?”

Joyful group of multi-ethnic community of happy people having fun joining hands in the park
Happy sport supporters having fun during football world game
Closeup of a woman speaking on a microphone
Young people having fun together with drinks at weekend event party celebration

A community needs a spiritual heart. When we face discouragement, loss, and grief, we need condolence and a way to renew our vision. When we are wounded, we need a place to heal. And when we complete a challenging task or achieve a cherished goal, we need a way to share our joy. Think community ceremony. Black History Month. 9-11. That’s on a national level. On a global level, who doesn’t watch the Olympics?

When we come together in spirit, we set aside day-to-day problems and meet the full spectrum of who we are: body, mind, energy, emotions, and soul. We connect back the core values that motivate us. We renew our vital energies and recover our sense of hope. We remember the sacred, not in the sense of what we bow down to, but of what we hold most important, what we cherish.

Outside of Melbourne, Australia, a community had built an ecological arts center. One day, staff and visitors heard a thud at the window. A small kingfisher had flown into the glass. They were both thrilled – because that species had been thought extinct in the area – and saddened as the bird lay still.

But after a few minutes, it fluttered its wings, opened its eyes and flew off. Now every year they commemorate that day with a Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival. They put on plays, have processions, share feasts. The festival links the community allowing it to relive a very happy moment.

And, you too, can do this.

Should your organization or community wish to create a special ceremony, I will work with you and others to ensure that it has elements which will serve to connect and unite, remember and inspire, and to cultivate a sense of belonging.