"It matters not who you love, where you love,
why you love, when you love or how you love,
it only matters that you love.”
                                               John Lennon

What will guests remember about your wedding?

Food, music, flowers?  Yes, of course, the dress!

You trust the caterer, the photographer, the musicians. Who will you trust with your ceremony? Who will tell your special love story? Make it memorable? People will not forget a ceremony that is unique to you, filled with lots of laughter, joy and just plain fun.

How unique can a wedding be?

Utterly, seriously, hilariously unique!  Use your imagination!  Or go formal, elegant, chic, contemporary.

How about a Harry Potter themed wedding?  Maybe a 1940’s themed wedding?  One couple was married on a boat in the middle of the Chesapeake.  Another arrived in an open top vintage Land Rover and drove down the aisle to their special music.  Outdoors, of course.

And pets love weddings. Some are groomsmen. Others ringbearers. Most just love walking down the aisle and maybe being included in the kiss.

a beautiful bride with curly hair stands beside her white dog. Samoyed Laika

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, I am trained to integrate beauty, music, poetry and symbolism into an artful unforgettable story – your story.  I incorporate into the ceremony any customs or traditions that are meaningful to you.  I give you ideas for rituals like handfasting, candle lighting, glass breaking, or maybe a sand or water or wine ritual.  And you are in charge with each step of the process, approving every word of the ceremony.

We may select beautiful, meaningful readings. Choose the music you love or consider some out-of-the box options.  It doesn’t have to be religious, but it will be sacred.  Because your promises and commitments are sacred.  Your heartfelt ceremony reflects body and soul.

At the end of the day, whatever kind of wedding you choose, wherever you decide to gather with family and friends, whomever you select as your officiant, what’s most important is that you stand with the one you love.

You’ll remember the vows you made, the love and commitment you promised each other,

the way you looked at each other.

Newly wedded couple looking at each other
Gay wedding party

Your day will never be repeated. It deserves to be amazing.

The Wedding Ceremonies

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with love from……..
"As soon as we had our introductory call with Peggy, we knew she was right for us. She had a fun energy and enthusiasm but was also laid back. She made us feel at ease right away and we felt she would be the perfect fit for a relaxed style of wedding. The process with Peggy was smooth from start to finish. When we first received our script, we were both really impressed with how well she captured us without having actually met us in person. We made hardly any changes and she helped us with our vows along the way. We highly recommend hiring Peggy. Our wedding was truly amazing and unforgettable. "
Misoni and Beth

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