Free-Spirited Ceremonies

“Free spirit, wild heart, gypsy soul.”

The Free-Spirited Ceremony has become a new way to marry.  Spontaneous, simple, easy, and fun.  And far less expensive!

Privacy reigns for you and your partner with just the three of us – on a beach, in a vineyard, under the redwoods or in your backyard.  Well, maybe a bestie taking pictures.  Low-key and intimate, we may use one of my hand-crafted ceremonies or create an instinctive, on-the-spot, impromptu commitment ceremony which is unique to you.  And very stress-free.

If you want to travel, honeymoon, have a mini-vacation, Las Vegas happens to be the number one location for spontaneous weddings.  Or go celebrity-watching in Malibu. These weddings are usually not planned at all and there is not time to include many or any guests. 

On a sailboat. Seaside. In the desert. Belize or Machu Pichu. Exciting and unforgettable. Consider your own backyard. 

And I always handle all the legal stuff.