Pet Memorials

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains untouched."
Anatole France       

Portrait happy african american child holding pet dog on wall background

Pets come into our life to teach us about love.  They depart to teach us about loss.

The loss of a beloved pet affects a family deeply.  The grief we feel over the loss of our pets is not unlike that which we suffer when we lose a person we are close to.

Many experts believe that focusing on positive memories and creating a tribute can help us work through what we are feeling.  A memorial service for this beloved friend can help us come to terms with the loss.

Going through the process of a funeral or memorial service gives you and your family the chance to honor your pet while capturing the memories you shared together.  It is therapeutic for the whole family, especially children.  There are many wonderful ways to memorialize our pets.  For many of us, words help.  For others, visual representations are more appropriate.

As your celebrant, I can incorporate customs or rituals into the service.  Many people include memorial photos or videos, displayed memorabilia such as toys or leashes or perhaps a plaque in the yard.

As with all my ceremonies, a pet memorial is created in collaboration with you and your family. You get to approve every word.   It’s the ultimate gift to a trusted friend.

A new pet never replaces the old one. It merely expands the heart.
If you have loved many pets, your heart is very big.