Memorials and ...

"I have seen birth and death but had thought they were different."
T. S. Eliot     

Every culture throughout history has marked death with a ceremony or ritual of some kind..

“Give sorrow words.” admonished Shakespeare.

There is a growing percentage of the population that is unaffiliated with any church and find traditional services distressing, unrealistic and depersonalizing. For many, holding a memorial service in a church is out of the question. However, families need to say good-bye and to honor their loved one’s spirit. Friends need to pay their respects.

It is worth clarifying the difference between funeral and memorial. A funeral, by definition, implies the presence of the deceased. A graveside ceremony is also sometimes called a committal ceremony. A memorial can take place any time after the deceased has been interred. Many families also value a ceremony at the scattering of ashes.

In my opinion, a modern memorial should be a positive event. My ceremonies focus on the very best in the life of the deceased, and on the moments of their greatest successes, moments of love and laughter.

Celebrations of Life

“I don’t want a fuss,” she said. "Get together and have a party.”

The Celebration of Life memorial ceremony generally has a less formal and more personal approach. These ceremonies can take place anywhere from a deserted beach to a baseball field. And sometimes even months after the individual has passed. Family and guests celebrate the joy that their loved one brought into everyday living and the legacy of love that was created. Most of the time, there is an informal gathering afterward. And, at its conclusion, there is a general consensus it was a fitting send off.


Why Use My Services?

In times of loss, everyday words and actions are often inadequate and difficult to express. With sensitivity and great care, I work with you to create an eloquent and loving memorial service. It will have the reverence and spirituality that is important to you.

You will have the chance to say goodbye, to honor your loved one’s memory and to look for the meaning in death. It will be the story of the beloved individual who has passed. You may laugh. You may cry. You get to approve every word of the story. It will be your last gift.

I represent and work for clients with equal respect whether they are spiritual but not religious, atheist or agnostic or an adherent to any faith. I am a ceremony creator, guide and officiant. I promise the end-of-life ceremony for your loved one will be memorable and unforgettable by all in attendance.

If this is the kind of ceremony you would like for you and your family, please call for a free consultation.

“They will soar on wings like eagles.”


with love from……..
"So many people said my dad’s celebration of life was the best they had ever attended. She portrayed my dad as if she’d known him all her life. She also treated our whole family with such sensitivity. The highest compliment is that my dad would have loved it. I highly recommend this amazing lady."
From Donna and all five of us.

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