Through ritual, we hold our giveaway for Mother Earth.
In return for the privilege of breath.

Ritual can serve many purposes.  It can connect us more deeply to place, to the cycles of the seasons and the demands of our own soil and climate.  It can mark the passages of our lives and help us make the transition into a new phase.  It can succor us in grief and loss.  It also provides a chance for artist, musicians, poets and dancers to share their gifts, and for everyone to discover some facet of their own creativity.  It can link us in the pure joy of celebration.  We live in a deep and sacred mystery that cannot be fully understood intellectually.  We often perceive ourselves as separate, as on the path alone, but we are part of the web of life that connects us all.

All of life is impacted by the changing cycles and phases in nature and I especially love rituals for these changes.  I believe it is important to celebrate all aspects of nature, the sunrise, sunset, new and full moon, and seasonal changes as connected rather than separate.  When we observe the changes in the quality of light between the sunrise and sunset, changing phases of the moon, and seasons, we reconnect to a sense of organic flow and how all life experiences are woven together. 

I take joy and delight in helping people reconnect with nature.

For those of you who wish to deepen your experience of life and enhance your relationship to the sacred, there is much to learn from the numerous online classes, workshops, and audio programs.  

These can be accompanied by an appropriate ritual for the place and time.  If this resonates and speaks to your heart, and if you are interested in knowing more about various rituals, I welcome your call.

“ We call upon all that we hold most sacred.
Teach us and show us the way.”

Chinook blessing