The Uncle Harry Wedding

“Oh, my God! You mean we’re not married!”

 “You’ve Got a Friend.”

  James Taylor and…… your helpful family officiant

This is for those who are asking a friend or relative to officiate their ceremony.

While Uncle Harry may be a good friend, he may not know much about officiating at a wedding.

There are a thousand little details that add up to a great ceremony. Which ones are you willing to have overlooked? And unless your friend or family member is a member of the clergy, why put this responsibility on them? Most people do not know what goes into designing and officiating at a wedding ceremony.

Think about it – would you hire a band for your reception that had never played together before?

Would you want your wedding to be their first gig?

Tread with caution regarding legalities. Some states do not recognize online ordination credentials. The individual officiating may not understand the importance of a timely filing of the wedding license.
That’s a BIG OOPS.

My consultation service includes direction and support for your family/friend/officiant either in person or by video chat.  Help is provided for the logistics and flow.  Included, if desired,  is one of my pre-scripted ceremonies and vow examples from my personal files.  I can provide readings as well as suggestions and how-to for rituals.

Be thoughtful and careful in selecting the officiant who is right for you. Someone who can help you create a wedding ceremony that exceeds your biggest dreams.  I’d love to work with your or Uncle Harry.
Call me for a free consultation.

Here’s to your future!