House Blessings

“Please, celebrate me home.”
Kenny Loggins    

Our homes are our sanctuaries, our place of refuge, rejuvenation and inspiration.  They are where we make relationships, nurture our health in body, mind and spirit where we raise our children and say goodbye to our parents.  It is quite satisfying to honor our homes as we leave one home and enter a new one.

What is a house blessing?

A house blessing is an ancient tradition throughout many cultures the world over.  Its basic purpose is to bless and to clear any unwanted energy from the home or workspace.

You may do a house blessing when a new person moves in or a baby arrives. A blessing or cleansing ceremony generates a sense of peace and stability and a fresh feeling of new positive energy. Symbolic activities within the ceremony may include the use of water, salt, smoke (smudging) or herbs.  And, of course, a ceremonial beverage.

When a home or property is for sale, blessing, cleansing or clearing the home allows the “spirit” of the house or property to cooperate with the sale and welcome new owners.

Different cultures have different customs which we will discuss beforehand.  Ceremonies are generally participatory incorporating a family gathering or meal or even a special meditation. Giving bread or salt or olive oil is a sign of hospitality in many European countries.

A house blessing is a sacred and quite fun ceremony.  It will be an indelible memory for you and your guests. So, welcome your friends.  Break bread together — or cupcakes! I’d love to be there.

with love from……..
“We loved it. First, Peggy walked us all around the perimeter of our property sprinkling salt. This was for protection. From that to the final leaves blowing in the wind, we were just in awe. Peggy scripted a magnificent ceremony – we’re so very, very grateful We recommend Peggy for any of your ceremonies. She does a job way beyond your expectations.”
- Melissa and Jackson
Daniel and Nicole and Katrina.

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